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What is Manhood / Juagen Massage?

Manhood massage or known as juagen for Chinese or batin for Malay is a traditional massage therapy found in South East Asia. 

The main purpose of the massage is to prevent blockage to the blood circulation. By using the special massage technique, the blockage on the blood vessel in the penis, perineum and testicles would be cleared. 

When there is no blockage to the blood vessel, the blood will carry sufficient nutrient to the sex organ. The sex organ will function properly or even self-healing if there is any damage if they were to receive the required amount of nutrient.

Manhood Juagen Massage is believed to be enhancing the inner energy of men. It improves and boosts testosterone at the same time. You can learn more about how to boost your testosterone levels and feel better by downloading this free eBook

There are quite a few types of manhood related massage. The most notably are manhood massage from Thailand, Balinese manhood massage, Malay manhood massage which is also known as Batin, and also Traditional Chinese Medicine manhood therapy which is more focusing on acupuncture points.

As a person who seeks perfection, I had studied, learned and am applying all the techniques in my therapy. My way of therapy is to accommodate my clients’ health problem. For example, I will use Malay and Thai style if I find that the cause of the sex organ problem is due to stomach bloating problem. And I will use the Traditional Chinese Medicine method to focus on the key acupuncture point if there is a blockage to a certain part of the blood vessel.

The most common problems that I find out is weak erection. 90% of my clients complain to me that they feel their erection is weak, not hard enough, or not able to sustain for a long period. There are a few major reasons for this problem.


When we age, the body function will weaken. There is an article on this topic: How ageing affect men’s health. However, if you are below 35 and finds that your erection wasn’t as strong anymore, your body is giving you a warning. It is time to take good care of your men’s health.

Overuse of your sex organ

Is too much sex harmful to our body? There is no definite answer to this question, but I had written an article about masturbation. You can read it here:  Can masturbation cause erectile dysfunction and harmful to you? I am giving a solution to erectile dysfunction in this article too. 

Blood vessel blockage

Like I mentioned above, if there is a blockage in the blood vessel of your sex organ, the penis will not function well. The question is, why there is a blockage to the blood vessel?

Many people do not realize that by spending too much time sitting, the blood will not flow smoothly to the bottom part of our body. Have you ever feel numb to your leg after sitting in the same position for a long period? The same theory applies to the sex organ.


Hectic work and stressful life is a major contributor to an unhealthy body. It doesn’t only affect the sex organ, but the whole body as well.

If you are experiencing a weak erection, a manhood massage is a good help to you. Most of my clients are happy after a few sessions of massage therapy as their condition always improve after their blood vessel are smooth. 

Let’s compare our body with a car. What will happen if you never service your car? The answer is the car would break down. What happens if you never service your sex organ? Are you expecting your sex organ will always be healthy forever?

Manhood juagen massage is like maintaining your car. You service it by making the blood vessel smooth so that the sex organs will receive enough nutrient to repair themselves. If you have this healthy mindset, your sex life will prosper and will enjoy longevity.

About Debbie

Manhood Juagen Massage in Penang & Singapore

Debbie is a professional massage therapist who is specializing in manhood massage (massage for men’s health) & treatment for insomnia. She is one of the most well known in the industry in Malaysia & Singapore. Although she is based in Penang, Malaysia, she occasionally provide her services in Singapore.

7 years of experience, more than 6,000 of hours and more than 1,000 customers, she is well equipped with knowledge and experience to solve your problems.

She knows the condition of my body more than myself” – her customer.

By touching certain points in your body and looking at the way you react, she knows what your problem is. This is what she impresses her new customers the most.

Testimonials from her customers.

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