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Manhood Juagen Massage

manhood massage juagen batin penang singapore

About Debbie

Manhood Juagen Massage in Penang & Singapore

Debbie is a professional massage therapist who is specializing in manhood massage (massage for men’s health) & treatment for insomnia. She is one of the most well known in the industry in Malaysia & Singapore. Although she is based in Penang, Malaysia, she occasionally provide her services in Singapore.

7 years of experience, more than 6,000 of hours and more than 1,000 customers, she is well equipped with knowledge and experience to solve your problems.

She knows the condition of my body more than myself” – her customer.

By touching certain points in your body and looking at the way you react, she knows what your problem is. This is what she impresses her new customers the most.

Manhood and Insomnia Massage

manhood massage juagen batin penang singapore

Manhood Massage

Manhood massage or known as juagen or batin is a traditional massage therapy found in South East Asia. The massage is believed to be enhancing the inner energy of men. It will improve and boost testosterone and at the same time, clearing the blood vessels to prevent blockage so that the blood circulation to the sex organ is healthy, thus, giving both health and energy to the sex organ.

Thus, Manhood Therapy is also classified as Erectile Dysfunction Therapy or Early Ejaculation Therapy.

To understand more about Men’s Health, visit her blog in English, or blog in Chinese.

Debbie Manhood Juagen Massage Therapist

Insomnia Therapy

Insomnia therapy is what those people who can’t sleep well or totally cannot sleep need. By relaxing your brain and your body, you become calm. Massaging your head would improve circulation to your brain to help you sleep well. Many of her customers fell asleep during the therapy.

Testimonials from her customers.

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