8 Reasons Why Your Stomach Is Not Healthy

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8 Reasons Why Your Stomach Is Not Healthy

Why is Your Stomach Not Healthy

Out of my 10 clients, 7 of them would have a common health problem, regardless of whether male or female. The problem that they have is stomach problem, which is a bit complicated.

There are quite a number of health problem that would happen to our stomach. Such as indigestion, stomach ache due to gastric, bloating abdominal and etc. Abdominal bloating is a very common problem, especially to people who are above the age of 35, and among those working adults.

What is Abdominal Bloating?

In case you don’t know, abdominal bloating would cause the stomach to become bigger than usual. Imagine your stomach as a balloon. Where there are a lot of air in the balloon, the balloon will grow big. When there are a lot of air in your stomach and couldn’t be released, it is abdominal bloating.

If you find that your stomach is huge, but it is not soft because there is not much of fat in your stomach but it feels hard, it could be abdominal bloating. When it is serious, you may experience nausea, which feels like vomiting and have no urge for food.

Although abdominal bloating it is not a serious health issue, it is very difficult to fully cure while it could lead to a more serious illness if it is not taken care with.

8 Reasons Why Stomach is Having Problems

1. Eat too fast

While we are busy with our work, we sacrifice our lunch session by eating too fast, or eating while doing something else at the same time.

2. Irregular lifestyle

Some people might eat breakfast everyday, while some don’t. Some people will have lunch at 12pm everyday, but some would have it at 4pm. Irregular lifestyle, especially meal time,  could lead to stomach problem.

3. Unhealthy food

Delicious food is usually unhealthy. It is true. Steak, snacks, fries are all delicious, but oily and unhealthy. Eating too much of oily food is certainly unhealthy, and it could lead to fatty liver disease.

4. Food hygiene

Besides the quality of food, the cleanliness when preparing a food is important too. The bacteria in the food which is not clean would harm the intestine and other organs. Look for a restaurant which is clean if you plan to eat out.

5. Taken too much of antibody

Many people rely too much on medicine. When they feel not well, they would use panadol. It is not very helpful to the body because although the antibody kills the harmful bacteria, it kills good bacteria in our body too, such as probiotics in our intestine that help our digestive system.

6. Stress

Too much stress would affect our emotion and at the same time, affect our stomach too. Stress would cause the increase or decrease of gastric acid secretion, which result in stomach’s health problem.

7. Insufficient intake of vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables are good to our body. Eating vegetables and fruits provide us fibre. Not enough of fibre would cause constipation. Besides, drinking not enough of water would bring constipation too.

8. Habit of drinking cold water

Some drinks are only taste nice when they are cold, such as soft drinks, beers and trendy milk tea. If your favourite drink is one of them, you have higher chance to have abdominal bloating as milk and tea could result in air into our stomach to cause abdominal bloating.

What can we do to improve our stomach’s health system? I will share with you next time.

One of my therapy, which is Ginger Tummy Detox Therapy is also an abdominal bloating therapy. You would see the result even after a session. You will feel your stomach size is smaller after the therapy.

Feel free to check out my therapy and testimonials.

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