The fatter, the penis size is shorter?

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penis size correlation with body fat

Is there a correlation between penis size and body fat?

There is a report that nearly 33% of men between the ages of 35 and 60 can’t see their penis because they are fat. But is the real reason of not able to is due to the view is blocked by the stomach or because the penis became shorter?

There is another report from a sexology,  saying that for every 5 kg increment of a man’s weight, the penis will be shorten by 1 cm.  Of course, this does not necessary mean that it is really shortening, but the fact is, the fatter the person is, the smaller and shorter his penis will be, visually at least.

The reason the fatter the person is, the smaller the penis will become is because the abdomen and perineum of that person are covered by layers of fat. The penis is deeply buried under the fat. And when the fat piles up and become thicker, it will consume and extend to the space that previously owned by the penis. The more fat he has, the more space consume and the penis will look shorter and shorter.

For the past 6 years, I had observed a lot of my clients. In over 1,000 clients and experience, I agree with the statement that the fatter a person is, the shorter his penis is. I have seen a lot of people who have a layer of fat under their belly. When I push their fat down, their penis would pop up and looks longer and bigger. The layer of fat is the culprit because when they grow, the will consume some of the parts previously occupied by penis and it will make the penis seems to be hiding under the layer of fat.

Does obesity affect sex?

Although people who are obese is said to have shorter penis, but it is only an illusion. However, even the penis size is still the same, they are still facing another problem when comes to making love. How are they going to fully utilize their penis which is hidden under the fat?

Therefore, in a survey report on people who are not satisfy with their sex life, the responders who responded “not satisfy” are mostly people who are obese. Due to the layer of fat and big stomach, it prevent them to enter into vagina smoothly, conveniently and of course, pleasantly. So, the love making session would become unpleasant.

Usually, people who are fat rarely exercise. Their physical fitness is relatively poor and they are also heavier. When they perform the session with their love one by doing missionary style, the body weight would be a heavy burden for their love one. It will affect the experience of the session to make it unpleasant. If both of them are fat, the session may be even more difficult.

The risk of skin disease

In addition, a lot of fat people could experience something called “burning crotch”. When the skin on the inner thigh is closely attached to and it is rubbed repeatedly, it would result in eczema, and it would continue for a long period of time. Besides, the high temperature might affect the ability of the testicles to produce sperm, and would affect fertility.

Obesity does not only affects the quality of sexual life, but also affect :

1. Fertility

2. Sexual desire

3. Other chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension

An advice to everyone who is obese : Please lose weight! By reducing the fat on the stomach, Dicky  will “Pop up”! Besides, by reducing weight, a person could be healthier too. By being healthier and more energy, the love making session would be extended too, and the experience will surely better than those who are fat.

Therefore, when obesity affects your life, you really have to start to manage your weight seriously.

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