Sex pills or sex boosters are only good for pleasure, but bad for health

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Sex pills or booster is only good for pleasure, but bad for health

Many of my clients ask me whether is it good or ok to consume viagra kind of sex pills as a supplement to make them healthier?

First of all, sexual enhancer pill is not a supplement. To me, it does more harm than good to the body, because it consumes your energy and nutrition, rather than giving you nutrition.

Our body connects to our brain. When we are tired, our body will make us yawn and when we yawn, our mind let us know that we are tired and try to make us rest. So, we feel sleepy and take a rest.

Same theory, our body would only trigger our brain to become sexually active whenever our body have enough of nutrition and energy for sex. However, nowadays, it is very convenient to access to porn or whatever sexual stimulating through our mobile phone and we are aroused easily. This type of external stimulation make our body losing a lot of nutrition which is supposed to be consumed by other body organ. What if our body do not have enough of nutrition and energy?

When this happen, the sexual organ would act like usual and resulted in weak erection because our brain tries to warn you that you do not have enough nutrition. Using sexual enhancer pills will only compromise other organ. Imagine, there are 5 departments in a company. 

There is a pool of $5,000 allocated equally to every department, which is suppose to be $1,000 to every department. When 1 of the department is using $1,500, the rest of the departments have to come out with that extra $500. Now, replace the department with the organ in the body.

Let’s go back to sexual enhancer pills. Like what I had explained above, usually, people use them because their sexual organ isn’t as usual. The reason it isn’t as usual is because their body is already lack of nutrition. When they consumes, it doesn’t give them any nutrition but stimulate them and make their blood flow to the bottom, to strengthen the erection. Usually, a normal man would release only once but with the pills, they could release more than once. Then, it consumes even more.

Is there any side effect?

Will there be any effect if 1 of the 5 departments always over-budget and the rest of the 4 departments not getting enough for long term? If that person is already having problem with the heart, what would happen if his heart is not getting what it needs constantly?

Some of my clients, shared similar kind story to me. Let me share 1 of them with you. Peter (not real name) was around 37-39 years old a few years ago and he was healthy. Then, he started to purchase sexual enhancer pills from sellers in Wechat. 2 years ago, he started to be not so healthy anymore sexually. He started couldn’t erect as much and as long than before. I encouraged him to stop but due to some reason, he could not. Now, he is dependent on the pills. No pills, cannot erect.

What should we consume for supplement then?

There are a lot of well known supplement for men’s health, such as ginseng, Tongkat Ali, Ubi Jaga, Maca and even ginger. These herbs provide us nutrition for men’s organ to produce what their body needs, such as testosterone. It provides our body enough of nutrition to build “ammo” so that our body can go to war.

I will be launching my Tongkat Ali Tea here very soon. I might give out for free trial for those who are interested to try out. If you like to know more, please pm me here. I will inform you when everything is ready.

Build your health up!

You can download my free e-book : Discover How to Boost Your Testosterone Levels & Feel Better if you are interested.


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74 / 100

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